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Your top 10 favorite episodes Empty Your top 10 favorite episodes

Post  TabalugaDragon on Thu May 31, 2012 12:59 pm


Your top 10 favorite episodes Fgt1110

The pilot episode showed us the beginning of a new and final legend of Green Land, the last dragon, who will protect everyone and give them hope that the tyrant, who had been harassing the land for centuries, will be defeated one day. Though.. he is way too young yet for fighting, but he already shows some intelligent abilities, which will help him overcome the enemy, while his fire is still weak. He outsmarts Arktos for the first, but definitely not last time, the snowman fears him, as the only one capable of resisting him.
He meets his father, Tyrion, the legend of Green Land, who gives him advises and teaches him.
Even though it had bad animation(as only a beginning of the cartoon) it still had great things in it, beautiful and wonderful moments.
It will always remind me how it all began.

Your top 10 favorite episodes Other10

Your top 10 favorite episodes Rytyty10


Your top 10 favorite episodes Mighty10

What a nice episode! We finally see Arktos coming up with a plan, which even Shouhu thinks may be not bad, to confuse Greenlanders with a false dragon, a decoy, an actor, looking like a dragon, to fool them and make forget Tabaluga, so he left Green Land, or lost faith in himself and stopped protecting Green Land. The Dracosaurus was acting excellently, but he hardly can be compared to Tabaluga in heroism, kindness, and purity of heart, this is why Arktos failed, he didn't expect, that Tabaluga's heart will make him fly for saving Happy first, and actually succeed in it better than dracosaurus did.

Your top 10 favorite episodes My_fri10

What I liked in the episode - we see Tabaluga's kindness and faith in others, this was the second episode of Tabaluga I ever saw(the first one was "A very hot thing") and I was astonished by the dragon's kindness, he was believing in dracosaurus being confused, not meaning anything bad to happen... and he was right about him not meaning being evil, it was Arktos who set it all up again, and dracosaurus himself was very nice, it's another thing I liked in the episode - we see that he isn't evil actually, he just wanted to display his actor talent, not hurt anyone, I wish he was more often in the cartoon though, but still it was nice to see dracosaurus at least in this one particular episode, and in the finale too

Your top 10 favorite episodes Dracos10


Your top 10 favorite episodes The_tr10

This episode, in particular, was close to perfect in my opinion, and very imporant to the storyline of the whole season, revealing one of the most important objects, the Tree of Life. It feels like this episode, as close to season final, was made in pace and style, which simply feels like it was made professionally, with a lot of action, some humor and the message  of how it's importrant to keep the balance(one more thing for the main message of the finale). In some episodes of the cartoon(like in all cartoons) it feels like creators make some episodes to "fill the space" so it would fit the 26 epsiode cartoon standard, and this one was definitely not one of them. It told us and excellent story we had been waiting for, and also weren't bored for even for a second. Now to the events of the episode itself.

Your top 10 favorite episodes The_pl10

The beggining was such a great idea - celebrating the "day of life", a day, when everybody appreciates living,dances, sings songs, and makes sport contests. This embodies one of the biggest cartoon messages - to appreciate life - "live and let live, appreciate every moment of your life". I, personally would have a party like this than stupid, ignorant and unkind parties and discoes of our world.
Next goes, Arktos'es "vision" a fear that Tabaluga is his enemy, the king on the other side of a chessboard. And this is quite symbolical and intelligent scene, this is one of many(or I'd rather say huge amount) things I love in this cartoon, for being  so intelligent, and one of things which makes it as we know it is chess.I won't go deep in this topic here, but I think my point is clear - the whole cartoon is a long game of chess between good and evil, or a series of matches between them, in that last one of which evil side loses.
Shouhu tells him that Tabaluga isn't thinking he's the king of Green Land though( another goof in season 2 where Tabaluga actually claimed as crowned prince) so Arktos thinks that The Tree of life is. and of course he wants to destroy it, despite all Shouhu's warnings.

Your top 10 favorite episodes Fire10

The way Tabaluga saves the tree was magnificent, another point for using your mind instead of forse(if he was a big dragon he could had melted all snow on it, though he could damage the tree), I also loved the action music playing when he blew up the baloons with his fire, I'm definitely going to order it to the composer to re-create Smile
And when the snow melted, a huge wave of water came down from the tree right to the Glass town, I also liked the moment, when Tabaluga warned icelanders about it, even though they are his enemies, he cared about their lives and didn't want them to get hurt.
Overall, I enjoyed this episode a lot Smile
even though there is one plot hole(why wasn't the tree effected  when Arktos tried to freeze Green Land other times) but the answer is probably because the Tree itself wasn't frozen so fast during other attacks on Green land overall. So this episode is still great Smile

Your top 10 favorite episodes Tree_i10


№ 7

Your top 10 favorite episodes 3_a_ve17

This was the first Tabaluga episode I saw 10 years ago, and as you may guess, it was one of things which influenced me to become a fan. The first major catastrophe, first Tabaluga's leadership in order to save Greenlanders, his first big respnisbility and a risk to lose someone's life.

Your top 10 favorite episodes Compil10

It all begins as it should, Tabaluga and his friends walk along the beach, enjoying their childhood together, and having a dragon to light fire for a barbeque must be something convenient! It's is still very weak, but it's enough to start a little fire. I liked that we saw at least something from their childhood before the tide of disasters from Arktos arrived, they gotta have some childhood, until Tabaluga will have to take all responsibilities on his shoulders, becoming the protector of Green Land forever.
However, the happiness doesn't last for long, this isn't an ordinary cartoon about cheerful youth, and Green Land embraces the fire it probably never witnessed before. Tabaluga has to experience such a terrible thing as a risk of destruction of the whole land by his own fire, and he claims himself responsible for it! This was another thing which amazed me in this cartoon when I started watching it - one example of the dragon's kindness and commitment after another. It made me feel there is something special about this cartoon which, as I found out later - was true.

Now to the certain aspects of the episode itself.
The animation became better, brighter and more detailed than before. Bit by bit we see the cartoon becoming whole, becoming what we came to see and love as we know it now. Some scenes were decent, a couple were amazing. Probably the best part of animation in this episode was the fire in the crystal ball, which we saw and the circle of orange and red spinning around it and a music of doom is playing in the background.
Your top 10 favorite episodes Spinni10
Music was probably my favorite part of this ep, it was playing almost all the time and there were so much of brilliant soundtracks! For example when the fire started and we saw it in the crystal ball as I mentioned before, "The great eagle" as I would call it, as Akila arrived and asked how the fire started.
The scene when he was waving his wings creating a little wind was my favorite part(of music). Also, the part when all birds(and bees Smile) were trying to turn the fire away from Green Land was incresdible; it's a bit hard to hear, but it had chorus in it.
Your top 10 favorite episodes 3_a_ve13

Now to the the story. I absolutely loved the way how the little dragon was so responsible for his actions at such a young age.

Your top 10 favorite episodes 3_a_ve16
He put the fire out while others(his friends) didn't care about it) with the sand. He said he is responsible even though it was Arktos'es work(of his servant to be precise). Also setting Green Land on fire is such a good idea - as he said "Green Land will destroy itself".
When the fire started, Tabaluga didn't run away, he wasn't scared, all he cared about were the lives of Greenlanders, and he did his best to lead them to safety, and saved those who weren't able to go by themselves.
The episode was made in an excellent pace, so many events in such a short time! it made the episode look longer than it's actually is. Arktos didn't just set Green Land on fire, he also prepared everything to envade it, after throwing snow over the ashes of the defeated country.
Your top 10 favorite episodes 3_a_ve15
Overall, I think this episode was more than just good, it showed us who this little dragon really is - the leader, the hero, a very kind and smart creature, who you can trust your safety and your life. It had good animation, amazing music, and a very intence story, which excellently filled it's timeslot.
Your top 10 favorite episodes Pride_10

№ 6

Your top 10 favorite episodes Front10

Kindness is, no doubt, the greatest quality we have. It tells us doing good to others, anyone we know, not just our friends.It tells us to have compassion towards others, think about others ahead of ourselves. And this episode in particlular, is about this quality.
The episode begins with yet another Arktos'es attack on Green Land, and we see James'es nastiet side here, which as we know, will be gone forever soon. With this attack, Arktos ruins the feast GreenLanders prepared, and James actually sais he likes it...
After the ruined feast, Tabaluga and Happy discuss how they don't understand why are some guys are just... nasty... Why do they do that?  Nessaya sais it's Arktos'es influence, which, as we all know, true. This episode raises the great topic of good and evil, and later on, shows which side is superior.
We move to the Glass Town where Arktos celebrates his yet another small victory, so James suggests him to eat fruit, telling the snowman that he'll live longer eating "what's good for you" (though Arktos is an immortal, does he need something to live longer anyway?), and sends James for another mission in Green Land, to steal all fruit. This day's constume - a clown, Arktos wants James to truck Greenlanders into giving away their fruit, and giving his most loyal servant limited time(is there any limit of Arktos'es tyranny?)
Before James arrives, we see Greelanders working in a field with Tabaluga. I think this is an excellent example for everyone, an excellent lesson about working and not being lazy in your life. After succeeding in his plan, James carries all those fruit away, still being in the clown costume. Encountering the penguin many times before, Tabaluga recognizes his voice and follows him. While trying to escape, James loses control of the arktoplan and starts falling, but of course, a hero like Tabaluga will not let someone die, even his enemy.

Your top 10 favorite episodes 16_17_11

Our young dragon hero rescues James with a kind smile on his face. I am unable to fully describe how much I love the scene where James feels uncomfortable being around enemies who mean him no harm, and the dragon, the archemeny of his master, suggests him friendship with the same kind smile he rescued his life. And as Digbe will be fixing the arktoplan, Tabaluga decides to cover James by replacing him in Glass Town, wearing the clown constume and infecting everyone with cheerful kindness and love Smile

Still wearing the costume on the grounds of being stuck in it, Tabaluga says that he didn't bring the
fruit Arktos ordered James to.
"Stealing is dishonest" -that line completely shocks everyone in the room, hearing such words from THAT

Your top 10 favorite episodes 16_17_12

Arktos orders him to make the fruit ice cream with the last apple remaining in their hothouse, after Tabaluga leaves:
"Shouhu, do you detect a hint of decency in the air?" One of those lines that makes me proud of this
series. Although looking like a show for little kids for most people on the first sight, this show has a
lot mature and intelligent lines which you can never hear in a regular show for little kids, making it a
really great cartoon series for everyone.
I also am unable to expresshow much I loved seeing Tabaluga disguised as James, helping everyone
and making them... happy.

Your top 10 favorite episodes 16_17_13

Your top 10 favorite episodes 16_17_10

As kindness flows through us all, and we share this feeling just like this little dragon shared the the
glastown dwellers, it fills us with with the undescribable feeling of inner joy and happiness, and desire
to share it with others.
When James stayed in Green Land, Tabaluga suggested him to try helping others, while Didbe is fixing his
arktoplan. The scenes where he in fact, does that... are also filled with true peacefulness and kindness
which shown as an example throughout this whole series, that kindness is the best way of life, which
brings peace and eternal happiness in our souls... a way, which we should all follow. Kindness and
"Goodness is catching... Just like badness" - Nessaya
After ruining the overall desparate and hostile mood of the Glass town people, and turning it into
kindness and happiness, Tabaluga(with his kind like always smile) walks around the Glass Town happy of
Arktos is totally sick of it, so he decided to punish James for ruining his tyranny in the glass town
"No one's ever been happy in Ice world, it's unnatural!"
The episode contains a message of kindness, which has always been the most important quality for me in
life. It also gives hope that maybe one day, our inner common sence and desire to help others around us
will finally prevail over meaningless selfishness and bring peace to our hearts by allowing us to share...
to love... to feel, that we are not alone, never, and there is always somebody beside us who will not look
the other way if we are in trouble.

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Your top 10 favorite episodes Empty Nice

Post  Tabaluga on Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:27 pm

i will be Tabaluga

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Your top 10 favorite episodes Empty Re: Your top 10 favorite episodes

Post  TabalugaDragon on Sat Dec 05, 2015 8:33 pm

Your top 10 favorite episodes Ver_210

Here comes one of the most epic episodes in the list. And boy, would I be a liar to say that it didn't influence my perception about the whole series.
This is one of those episodes, which make it close to perfection, everything in it feels in place, and everything has a reason. While the opening sequence of abducting Digby didn't seem like something out of the ordinary, what was happening next is just what this series is(and in my opinion should be) about.

After Digby gets abducted by Vulture, he is taken to Ice World and everyone who saw this happen rush to Tabaluga to ask him for help. Even though he is so young, everyone already seems to be counting on him. So he immediately devices a plan to save his friend. And this plan is unlike any resque plan I've ever seen before.
He askes Greenlanders for help, and they don't hesitate.

Your top 10 favorite episodes Collag10

This is actually another example of Tabaluga becoming a great leader, and because he is a dragon and carries legacy of his father, the other Greenlanders follow him.
After the snowthrowers are captured by the Greenlanders thanks to cowardice of Arktos'es servants and Arktos leaves along with James

Your top 10 favorite episodes Magnif10

And while Glass Town dwellers are in a disarray, Tabaluga and Happy sneak into the dark throne room, looking for Digby:

Your top 10 favorite episodes Someth10

And there we find the wisest character of all - Shouhu. The mysteriousness of this scene is astounding. The whole atmosphere - the colors, the soundtrack, everything is in it's place here and every little bit of it is executed flawlessly. Shouhu invites them to look into the crystal ball. Naturally, Happy doesn't trust the Glass Town dweller, so she decides to look at it first, protecting Tabaluga, who on the other hand seems to be more naive and trusting than her. However, this owl is not what he may seem. From the first time I ever saw him in Glass Town with Arktos, I thought he was an ordinary sidekick of a villain, who possesses magic and assists the main villain in all ways he can(for example, when I was a kid I used to watch a fantasy show "The Legend of William Tell" where the main villain had a sidekick wizard with a crystal ball). But This is not some simple and cliched show, no, it's not. Not even close. Shouhu indeed is a friend an ally of Tabaluga and Green Land and he proves it with what he shows to Tabaluga and Happy, the story about the end of Tyrion's age in Green Land....of Tabaluga's father.
Shouhu shows the last day of Tyrion's life to the dragon and the snow hare:
"It has never been our intention to defeat Arktos completely. Never forget, that just as the existence of Green Land is essential to the harmony and balance of our planet, so is Ice World"
"It may be the Arktos'es own foolishness and conceit will keep Green Land safe, but... a close watch but be kept on him... I must ask you for a great sacrifice... If Arktos thinks he controls you and the crystal, he will become complacent, you will be close to him, you will be able to use your wit and cunning for the good of Green Land and of my son, Tabaluga "

Your top 10 favorite episodes Handsh10

This is honestly among the best writing I've ever seen in animated shows. This scene truly shows how incredible this series is. This is not some silly kiddy show(like seasons 2 and 3 are), this is something much greater.
Giving Shouhu with the crystal ball is indeed a very wise decision, because Arktos would think he already won and would not do serious harm to Green Land, only harassing it from time to time(like as saw in the first episode), but Shouhu's wisdom and cunning kept Arktos from freezing Green Land for a whole thousand years until Tabaluga was born. He is not just a smart advisor, he is actually a hero, who sacrifices his happiness in his home to keep it safe:

Your top 10 favorite episodes Gl10

As for Tyrion, we see him fly to his final battle against Arktos'es minions, destroying all of the snowthrowers in mere seconds, showing how powerful an old dragon can be, until he loses his strength and, realizing that it's the end of his life, flies up in the sky and turning into a star...

Your top 10 favorite episodes Tyrion10

Which is the saddest scene in the whole series. Which is both a signification that nobody lives forver and that it's Tabaluga's time now to take his father's place and be the protector Tyrion once was.
Tabaluga and Happy wipe their tears, as Shouhu tells them where they can find their friend Digby. Tabaluga wants to save Shouhu from the monstrous snowman and leave Glass Town together, but Shouhu tenderly pushes Tabaluga's hand away, saying that his task here is not yet over. This is actually an ingenious analogy to the final goodbye from Shouhu to Tyrion:

Your top 10 favorite episodes Hands10

No matter how much I watch this cartoon, it never ceases to amaze me with how clever it is.

So Tabaluga and Happy go to the hall of fame, a place where Arktos keeps all of his ice statues and find Digby there. I need to point out yet again how clever that scene is made, because of the music in it. As Tabaluga and Happy look for Digby, the soundtrack that plays during that scene very much sounds like ticking of a clock, signifying that the time is running out and they don't have much of it. I very much recommend everyone to watch that scene again in the best earphones you have.

So the two save the mole and rush towards the exit, but as we saw before James and Arktos know about Tabaluga's diversion and want to stop the dragon and his friends from leaving, but as it turns out his army is blocked by a giant umbrella in one of corridors. Not the best scene to be honest, which I think could have been done differently.

Tabaluga, Happy, Digby and a few other animals they manage to rescue leave Glass Town on the boats, and are met by the Green Land army, who take them back home eventually.

I need to point out yet again how amazing this episode is. The story, the script, the soundtrack - almost everything was close to perfection in this, especially scenes with Shouhu, Tabaluga and Tyrion. Susan and Geoff Beak show potential as geniunly talented writers(hence one of reasons why seasons 2 and 3 were so bad, they weren't' writing any of the episodes there), and they only keep proving that in the future episodes.
Verdict - one of the absolute best episodes in the series, which shows the colossal epic potential this cartoon has and doesn't let us down even much later.

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Your top 10 favorite episodes Empty Re: Your top 10 favorite episodes

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Your top 10 favorite episodes Empty Re: Your top 10 favorite episodes

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