Episodes of Season 1 of the Tabaluga-Cartoon (with Youtube-links!)

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Episodes of Season 1 of the Tabaluga-Cartoon (with Youtube-links!)

Post  Tyrion on Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:43 am

Here you'll find a list of the episodes from the first season of the Cartoon, followed by their Title in German language. Thanks a lot to Arktos and Animalista 87 for helping me to relate the names and contents of the German episodes to their English counterpart Very Happy

  1. The last one of his kind (Das große Ereignis)
  2. Happy without ending (Freunde fürs Leben)
  3. A very hot thing (Ein ganz heißes Ding)
  4. Servant of two masters (Der geheime Verbündete)
  5. Dubious dealings (Dunkle Geschäfte)
  6. One dragon too many (Ein Drache zuviel)
  7. The wiser head does not give up (Der Bessere gewinnt)
  8. Two birds with one stone (Ein guter Tausch)
  9. Moon struck (Mondsüchtig)
  10. Dragons don't cry (Drachen weinen nicht)
  11. The big cloud (Die große Wolke)
  12. The visitors who came from the cold (Ein friedlicher Überfall)
  13. Someone's cheating (Einer spielt falsch)
  14. Mister nice guy (Der verkleidete Dieb)
  15. Too much salt is detrimental to the health (Eine versalzene Suppe)
  16. A Fatal present (Ein verhängnisvolles Geschenk)
  17. A ruined premire (Eine verpatzte Premiere)
  18. A matter full of seeds (Eine kernige Angelegenheit)
  19. The tree of life (Der Baum des Lebens)
  20. Queen for one day (Königin für einen Tag) >> Please note that this episode is missing in the english playlist below
  21. A splendid couple (Ein prächtiges Paar)
  22. A firery Encounter (Eine feurige Begegnung)
  23. Tabaluga & Lilli (Tabaluga und Lilli)
  24. The aducted scamp (Eine richtige Nervensäge)
  25. The flow of time (Der Strom der Zeit)
  26. Chocolate Ice for Everbody (Schokoladeneis für alle)

The English Episodes can be found >here<
The German Episodes can be found >here<

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