dragonadopters (originally posted by Animalista 87)

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dragonadopters (originally posted by Animalista 87) Empty dragonadopters (originally posted by Animalista 87)

Post  Tyrion on Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:06 am

Animalista 87 wrote:www.dragonadopters.com
here you can adopt up to 7 dragons and take care of them.although they're immortal,you have to visit and feed them so they can be happy,grow up faster and produce more resurces(visits from other users count).there are 6 stadia:egg(level 0-4),hatchling(5-12),child(13-24),teenager(25-39),adult(40-69)and ancient(70-110).you can choose between 7 kinds:dino,eastern,furdragon,lizardus,pterodragon,western and wyvern.once your "baby" hatches you have to choose its name,gender and element(air,earth,fire or water).once the youngest dragon reaches the 30th level you can adopt a new egg.

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