HAPPY (delayed) 10 YEARS!!

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HAPPY (delayed) 10 YEARS!! Empty HAPPY (delayed) 10 YEARS!!

Post  Ben-M on Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:35 pm

I've posted this in the old forum, but I post it here too because this will be the new location for the old one.


10 years passed already, to be honest, I never expected all this time would pass so fast...

I still remembering even how I met this community, even before the forum was creating, knowing Sandra and Lucia (Tyrion and Arktos) on YouTube (and even nowadays, I still regretting I stole your Tabaluga's English version intro, I'm sorry Sad )

But from that little "accident of mine" *ahem*, I like to think a community was borning at that moment (even when Tyrion and Arktos have known each other before that already), and no longer after that, the forum borned.

Not all forums lives 10 years in a row, this forum has better times, that happens with everything, but not many keeps resisting all this time, because even if only few of us keeps watching around here with no commenting, that means this forum is still alive.

I like to think that nowadays, we still reminding the good times of it, the great company, and I like consider us like some kind of... let's call it "second family", where we not only have a great dragon in common, but also I knew many of you and I can say all of you are great people which I wouldn't change for anything in this life.

and now, for finishing it, I would like to thanks the most active members (basing on posts numbers and time passed since last connection.)

1- Animalista: the most active member, she was the most active member and still is and one of the most creative minds, which I think captivated many people of this forum with his stories and fanfics, if you come back someday, please, keep being you, we love everything of you Smile

2- Shaymin: maybe he's not the one who has more messages, but his energy is pretty notorious around the whole forum, and I consider him as the best forum's "welcomer", the first impression of many of us was him, and was a very warm impression Very Happy. I hope you come back soon too, we miss you so much.

3- TabalugaDragon: my only fault (or crime) is not putting him the first of this list: actually, the best friend I've ever had in my whole life and I hope for many many years after. A guy which hope and possitivity which is capable to pass it to everybody, even in this forum, which is currently one of the most actives nowadays along with me (on visits). Never change, we need more people like you in this world Very Happy

4- SlyDragoon16: I think many of us learned something from him and that's something to express thanks to. Also, a great writter. But not only his writting is excellent, also I consider he was one of the most participatives on Tabaluga topics and a great person. We miss you too, but glad you keep coming sometimes even nowadays Smile

5- Arktos and Tyrion: why they two are together in this section? easy, because without them, perhaps all of this wouldn't exist nowadays. They 2 and me, 10 years ago, were the first members of this forum, perhaps I was the less active of all three (but don't worry, I were always looking for all of you here Very Happy ), they were there, since the very beginning until today, following this forum, if we all were in the same room right now, I would beg to all of you to applaud to they two, because they started, kept and made the forum what it is nowadays.

I could mention more people, but I would spend many hours telling a lot about everything (I could even say a lot more about the one I've chosen already), but the most important is not who's mentioned, ALL OF YOU ARE IMPORTANT, and this topic is to celebrate all our contributions, our bonds between each other, wishing that they will come stronger in the next years, because this is not a community anymore...

is a family, a Tabaluga fans family.


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