Hello All Tabaluga fans!!!

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 Hello All Tabaluga fans!!! Empty Hello All Tabaluga fans!!!

Post  TabalugaDragon on Tue Jul 31, 2018 1:33 pm

I welcome those who are knew here and welcome back, those who wasn't here for long, this place is great to spend time, and I hope, that everybody will find topics here, which they will find interesting to read and discuss to each other, after all, we all are Tabaluga fans, the little dragon who united us, gave us hope, made us all kinder, wiser and happier Smile
Look around at different topics in surveys, Tabaluga, and create topics in user presentation if you are new, people are always welcome here, one of the friendliest community in internet Smile

I also have some news, one of them is my first fanfiction, for those who are new check out Animalista's fanfictions too, they are great, written almost professionally which makes them very nice to read Smile
other news is that I started ordering re-creation of Tabaluga cartoon soundtracks from a professional composer, the first example is here

since today we'll start creating different and interesting topics to discuss, and share our thoughts about the great dragon, Tabaluga, and this cartoon Smile

The Year of a dragon has come, the time is now we unite and share everything we have to each other, good luck on the forum guys, and have nice time  alien

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