A little game.... (words with similar letters

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A little game.... (words with similar letters Empty A little game.... (words with similar letters

Post  Tyrion on Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:22 am

Tyrion wrote:Hello @ all,
here's sth I found in another forum. It's a game, were you have to turn your brain on (or just browsing through the Internet  lol! )
Ok, here you go for the instructions:
Someone posts a word and the next user posts another word with the first letter of the last words last letter. Like:
First user: "Police"
Second user: "Elevator"
Third user: "Rose"
and so on. No matter if the word is related to Tabaluga or not.
Hope have fun ^^

If you're interested in the previous words we wrote, please check >this link<

I'd like to start a whole new game here, so I'll start with the following word: SONG

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