The Nine-Dragon Wall“九龙壁” (originally posted by Shaymin)

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The Nine-Dragon Wall“九龙壁” (originally posted by Shaymin) Empty The Nine-Dragon Wall“九龙壁” (originally posted by Shaymin)

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Shaymin wrote:At the year of dragon, I would like to introduce the Nine-Dragon Wall, a famous Chinese scenery spot located in the Huang Ji Palace"皇极殿" of the Forbidden City“紫禁城”, also called the Imperial Palace, in Beijing. If you have ever had a chance to go to the Forbidden City, the Nine-Dragon Wall will be always your first choice.
It is said the Nine-Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City was built at the 38th year of Qian Long"乾隆"Period during the Qing dynasty"清朝", which is a wall covered in vaidurya, it has 66.93 feet in length and 11.48 feet in height. At the front of the wall is covered with 270 pieces of vaidurya, and 9 dragons, each of them is carrying a dragon pearl. The backgroud is decorated with mountains, cloud and sea-water.
Talking about the Nine-Dragon Wall, there was also a famous Chinese TV play series in 1992, called the Little Dragon Man“小龙人”. In one episode of this play, the camera crew was taking scene in front of the Wall.
One seldomly known Chinese tradition said, if parents have given birth to their child whose Chinese Zodiac is dragon, then the child must be taken to the Nine-Dragon Wall in the first week when the child can walk. At the front of the Wall, let himself walk to the dragons and see in front of which dragon he stays for the longest time then give him a hidden name according to the dragon he chose. By saying hidden name, it means the parents must not let the child get known of that name until the time when he can finally understand things in the real society.
Well, mine is Lan Long“蓝龙” (the Blue Dragon directly translated into English). My parents said I was stuck in there for a long time until I began to ask something to drink. Very Happy But I don't remember anything in the old days.
You'll be able to see the pictures and detailed introduction in the following website:

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