Tabaluga MBTI (originally posted by Arktos)

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Tabaluga MBTI (originally posted by Arktos) Empty Tabaluga MBTI (originally posted by Arktos)

Post  Tyrion on Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:07 am

Arktos wrote:So lately I've been pretty obsessed with the MBTI and Jung's functions theory, which divides humanity in 16 personalities according to 8 psychological functions and how we take decisions and connect with the environment.

Does anyone know this theory and is willing to dissect the characters from the Tabaluga cartoon? There are lots of blogs and forums that are dedicated to examining fictional characters from books, movies and tv shows so I thought it would be interesting to talk about it.

Here you can find more information about the theory and the 16 different types. You can even take the test and discover your own type!

That said, here's my two cents on Tabaluga's characters (I'm still a newbie at this and I last saw the cartoons too much time ago so I could very well be wrong - x's are for unknown letters):

Nessaja: INFJ - she's like a spiritual guide
Tabaluga: ESFP? Still very difficult to type. Grounded to reality and definitely a feeler, so ESFx. Can't remember if he's objective in his judgements, that could help in typing between J/P. I'm more towards P though, very much living in the moment and adventures seeking.
Arktos: xNTJ - was going for ENTJ at first but actually don't know - he loves playing chess which is a common NT trait and likes being in charge bossing people around so that puts him in the ENTJ pool (also: no morals whatsover, he never questions if what he does is in tune with his self), but I'm still not sure. INTJ sounds good for him as well, he's not that much of a social animal if at all and seeing how he's totally detached from the present moment and is always making plans for the future freezing of Greenland. Fact is, INTJ's should be intelligent... aaand his intuition fails bigtime sometimes, like when he cut off all those trees to make ice-creams without foreseeing the disastrous consequences that the cutting would have on the environment.
Digby: Seriously don't know. Gives off an INTP vibe though, with him being aloof most of the time, coming from an INTP.
Kayo: ENTP - social chameleon literally, loves to talk like a chatterbox and likes a good joke ("now you see me, now you don't! Now you see me, now you don't!"). A good friend of mine is ENTP and I can definitely see the resemblance.
James: looks like an S user. Not very extroverted but not much introverted either. ISTJ? Loves to work, takes pride in fulfilling tasks, very traditional.
Shouhou: INTx - Yoda is commonly typed as INTP and if there's a character that reminds me of him, that's Shouhou. But I'm not excluding INTJ either, like Gandalf from the LotR, healthy INTJ type unlike Ark.
Happy: ISFP - sentitive type, and from what I recall she can get a bit touchy. I'd say S over N.
Humsin: ESTJ? - loves bossing around.
Tyrion: another difficult to type. Why are dragons so difficult to type?! Suspect ESFJ? Functions won't help me here. Mist!

So... what's your take on this? Surprised

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