Some verified news (Tabaluga and the signs of Time)

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Some verified news (Tabaluga and the signs of Time) Empty Some verified news (Tabaluga and the signs of Time)

Post  Tyrion on Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:05 am

Tyrion wrote:Dear users, ladies and gents, I was just on google, searching for some information for my first story of Tabaluga and I found some news!
Peter Maffay and his staff are working on a new album of our little hero! It will be called "Tabaluga und die Zeichen der Zeit" (Tabaluga and the signs of time)! So says this website here:
If you scroll down a bit, you'll find a little box at the left side and it says (I've added some comments in parentheses):
Bertram Engel (a co-worker of Peter Maffay) says: In Wesel (a city in the western part of germany) the first ideas for the new "Tabaluga and the signs of time" are developin: The text is already written and now the single parts of Peter Maffay's band are working on adequate music.
"Everyone composes (by himself) and in collective meetings we'll discuss (the ideas)."

Nice, eh? I can't await new adventures of Tabaluga, since the last album was published 2002. I think that it is amazing that Peter Maffay, Rolf Zuckowski and so on are still working on our little hero's life. Don't forget, the very first album was published in 1983, that's nearly 30 years Exclamation
What do you think of this news? Although they are not verified yet, I'm sure soon the first messages will be posted on faceboook (time for me to look if Peter Maffay does have a facebook account, so that I can inform you as soon as new information is broadcasted.  Twisted Evil )
LG to you all and have a nice evening!  sunny [strike]

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